Zhivodar Terziev

Chairman of BPGA

General manager and partner in the oil trading company “ZARA-E” Ltd, a company established with entirely Bulgarian capital. 


Zhivodar Terziev has been working in the structures of the company since 1996. Mr. Terziev is a proven expert in the industry, with deep knowledge on the specifics of Bulgarian market and expertise in the field of economy.

Mr. Terziev’s main priority as Chairman of BPGA is to work for the establishment of the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association as the most prestigious industry association in the sector of production and trade of liquid fuels. The Association will pursue its mission to fight the grey sector and unfair practices, to establish a clean and transparent competitive environment, and to ensure equality before the law for all market participants.

Mr. Terziev was elected Chairman of BPGA for a two-year term at the General Assembly of the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association held on 27.03.2019.