Eko Bulgaria EAD

EKO BULGARIA EAD has a network of  81 filling stations and 4 oil depots, using the EKO trade mark, operating around Bulgaria. The Company has been successfully implementing its 5-year investment plan for the company’s activities in Bulgaria by constructing new facilities, acquiring and modernizing already built petrol stations and etc. The number of EKO petrol stations in Bulgaria is constantly growing.

EKO BULGARIA EAD offers a wide range of high quality fuels and lubricants. The fuels score the beginning of a new age in the development of the fuel market in Bulgaria and meet the standards of the European Union.

Each filling station has a mini market, snack bar, coffee-restaurant and a carwash. EKO offers its customers the whole range of high-quality lubricants and liquid fuels thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

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