Lukoil Neftochim Burgas Ltd

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD is a refining company located at the Black Sea Coast, 15 kilometers away from the town of Burgas, Bulgaria.

The company has sea, railway, and road terminals, trunk lines for crude oil, gasoline, diesel and fuel oil.

LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD produces motor gasolines /А-92, А-95, А-98/, naphtha, diesel fuel, jet fuel – Jet А-1, fuel oil, vacuum residue, propane-butane, process sulphur, sulfuric acid, bitumens, and polypropylene.

The history of Neftohim starts in 1963 with the commissioning of the first crude oil distillation unit and the production of the first Bulgarian gasoline on September 2 the same year.

The date October 12, 1999 is the beginning of the newest history in refinery’s development. A sale contract was signed and Neftohim became a part of the family of the Russian company LUKOIL.

The main priorities in front of LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD are the technological renovation and modernization of the production capacities, increase of labour productivity and the quality of the products, provision of safe and harmless working environment, environment protection in conformity with the legislations of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union, and effective development and use of human resources.

In 2015, LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD completed the construction of a state-of-the-art vacuum residue hydrocracking process complex with a capacity of 2.5 mln t/y. The new capacities will increase the in-depth refining to 90% and will provide for the production of fuel oil with sulphur content in accordance with the European requirements below 1%. Moreover, it will increase the energy efficiency; on behalf of the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions a significant positive environmental effect will be achieved.

Today, LUKOIL Neftohim Burgas AD:

  • is the biggest company on the Balkan Peninsula in terms of refining capacities for crude oil and it is structurally defining not only for the region of Burgas, but for the entire country;
  • is a state-of-the-art refining company operating in accordance with leading world standards, with modern management to which the issues related to quality, environment, energy, health, and safety are of utmost importance;
  • has been the winner of “The Biggest Bulgarian Company” prize for many years in “Fuels” Section and in terms of income from sales in the Top 100 of the biggest Bulgarian companies;
  • is a socially responsible company which cares for and is responsible to its workers and employees, veterans and has many years of traditions in charity and sponsorship;
  • for more than 50 years has been producing a wide range of fuels of high quality and has been satisfying the needs of the Bulgarian market;
  • occupies a significant part of the Bulgarian economy and has a vital role in energy production and energy market of the Republic of Bulgaria.


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