Zhivodar Terziev
Chairman of BPGA

“ZARA-E” was founded with Bulgarian capitals only. Mr. Terziev works for the company since 1996. Mr. Terziev is a prominent expert in the petroleum business of Bulgaria with a profound knowledge on the fuel markets. The main priority of Mr. Terziev during his mandate as a Chairman of the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association will be to strengthen the leading role of the organization and the petroleum sector in Bulgaria. The BPGA will follow its mission to tackle with the shadow economy and with the bad practices on the fuel market; to work for transparent and competitive business environment as well as for the equal treatment of all companies, operating on the national market.

Mr. Terziev was elected for a chairman with a 2-years mandate by the General Assembly of the BPGA which took place on the 27.03.2019

Andrey Delchev

Executive Director

Andrey Delchev has graduated the Law Faculty of “St.Climent Ohridski” Sofia University. He has specialized in Greece (1984, “Greek constitutional law”), France (Paris, 1991, “Protection of competition”) and England (1994, “Reform of public administration”). Till 1990 Mr. Delchev worked in Sofia regional court as a judge, and later as a president judge. From 1991 till June 1997 г. he was chief of the legal department of the Council of Ministers. He has participated in the creation of practically the entire new legislation of the country, by working on over 10 000 acts of seven governments – draft laws, decrees and judgements. He was a Director of a PHARE project management group in the Council of Ministers. For 7 years he was a chairman of the Board of directors of “Balkan Holidays International” – the biggest Bulgarian tour operator, with subsidiary companies in twelve countries in Europe and North America.

Maria Jordanova

Organizational Secretary

Maria Jordanova completed her education at The First English Language High School – Sofia in the year 1996. She is a graduate of The Legal Faculty of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, specialty of “Law”, “Jurisdiction”.  During the years 1998-1999 she was a trainee at “Mandat OOD” Law office, In the period 2001 – 2002 Maria was working as a Legal assistant at the National Assembly of  The Republic of Bulgaria. Maria Jordanova has several years experience in publishers – “Maritza” and “Economedia”, published  articles in European facility management network, During 2007-2008 she was part of one of the first consulting companies that dealt with development projects, financed by the European structural funds – Europrojects Point, Untill February 2009, she was working as an associate in “The Center for the Study of Democracy”, and has participated in organizing of international public policy forums about preventing the informal economy and corruption. Maria Jordanovajoined the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association in March, 2009.

e-mail: [email protected]

eng. Maya Lyubenova

Organizational Coordinator

Maya Lyubenova completed high school of Trading, in Vraca, since 1998.

She is graduate at Technical University of Sofia, Master Degree in Automatics, information and Control Engineering, Specialty in Robotics.

She has an experience of Trading, as Dealer of Structured cabling systems (SKS), and trading with computer systems and technologies. Maya Lyubenova worked  in services and consultancy, related with designing of SKS, offering, projects and fully after designing documentation. She worked in projects preparation of Resorts, business – offices, banking institutions, petrol-stations, office and warehouses, residential buildings. Worked as administrator of data base of web-portal with properties.

Maya Lyubenova joined the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association in February, 2010.

Svetoslav Bencev

EU Legal Adviser 

Svetoslav Benchev completed National Lyceum for Ancient Languages and Cultures “St. Constantine Philosopher” in 2002. He continues his education in the University of Strasbourg in the field of European and International law. Obtains a LLM in “European litigation” in the University of Luxembourg and then specialize in the European Court of justice in Luxembourg. Svetoslav also obtain a LLM in “Intellectual and industrial properties law” from the Center for Research of the intellectual property (CEIPI) in Strasbourg.  He worked in a private sector in France as legal adviser in the field of European law and intellectual property. He is cofounder and honorable member of the Association of the Bulgarian Students in Strasbourg. Author of several articles in the field of the European tax policy and double taxation.

Svetoslav Benchev  joined the Bulgarian Petroleum and Gas Association in February, 2010

e-mail: [email protected]

Цвета Динкова

Експерт „Връзки с обществеността”

Цвета Динкова е завършила Езикова гимназия „Бертолт Брехт”, гр. Пазарджик.

Продължава образованието си в Университета за национално и световно стопанство. Има бакалавърска степен по „Финанси” и магистратура „Европейска интеграция” от Софийски университет „Св. Климент Охридски”.

Работила е почти 15 години в сферата на бизнес журналистиката в различни печатни медии. Оглавявала е отдел „Бизнес” в две издания.

Преминала е шестмесечен квалификационен курс „Европейски стандарти в медиите” в София и Рим.

Участвала е в научни конференции в областта на медиите и европеистиката в Рим, Торун (Полша), Флоренция и София.

Съавтор научната студия «Съграждане на гражданството: перспективи за публичното партньорство в България».

Присъединява се към екипа на Българската петролна и газова асоциация през октомври 2015 г.

 e-mail: [email protected] 

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