Litex PLC

One of the first and main commercial activities of the LITEX Group is the fuel business. Fuel trading has played a key role in the development and success of the company. Litex PLC was the first company on the domestic market to import propane-butane by ship lots. Distribution of light, dark fuels and propane-butane on the territory of Bulgaria is one of the main activities of the company.
Litex PLC owns an oil base located in northern Bulgaria. By design, the base has a capacity of 10,000 metric tons. The base was licensed in 2006 and is currently used as a fuel storage facility for the state reserve.
In the cities of Lovech and Burgas Litex PLC owns licensed tax warehouses for storage and production of propane butane. The warehouse is used for the filling of domestic propane butane bottles. Home deliveries of gas bottles are also carried out.
During 2010, the fuel trading company Litex PLC maintained the volume of raw materials offered and trading within the country.
Litex PLC has 32 petrol and gas stations, granted on concession and reconstructed according to Shell requirements.
The stations are built as modern complexes offering a large number of high-quality services according to global standards and industry requirements.
The company currently operates four service stations (two in Sofia, one in Plovdiv and one in Lovech) built to the latest requirements. Methanations have been built in the cities of Lovech and Plovdiv.
All technological, ecological and safety requirements are met when storing fuels in the Litex stations. The facilities are built and maintained according to the best European practices.