OMV Bulgaria Ltd

OMV Bulgaria is part of the OMV Group, which is a leading energy company in Central and South-Eastern Europe. OMV produces and trades oil and gas and chemical products in a responsible manner and develops innovative solutions for a circular economy. OMV’s core business segments are operations and production, refineries and marketing, including chemicals derived from oil products, gas and electricity. 
OMV entered the Bulgarian market in 1998. The company’s core business is the construction and operation of petrol stations and convenience stores, restaurants and car washes, wholesale and retail of petroleum products, oils, etc. In Bulgaria, OMV operates a chain of petrol stations with national coverage, which operate under 2 brands: OMV (92 outlets) and AVANTI (2 outlets), located in key locations throughout the country, as well as 2 oil terminals – in Iliantsi and Vidin. 
The company is successfully developing its chain, setting trends in turning petrol stations into multifunctional complexes for people on the move. The OMV outlets offer various amenities such as playgrounds and car washes, OMV bill payment services, event ticketing, vignette sales, etc. All this comes in addition to OMV’s own brand of restaurants and shops – VIVA. They offer a wide range of car care and everyday products, including own-brand ones, as well as freshly prepared food and beverages. 
In response to the ever-increasing standards and demands of the automotive industry and to provide customers with state-of-the-art products, OMV is continuously improving its fuel formulations. In order to achieve the best possible results, OMV’s Innovation experts work closely with representatives from leading automotive companies, research institutes and universities. High-performance OMV MaxxMotion premium fuels contain a group of innovative additives that improve engine efficiency, remove deposits already built up and keep the engine clean, resulting in longer engine life and fewer emissions for the environment. Alongside traditional fuels, the company is also investing in the development of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles.
OMV Bulgaria is a responsible company dedicated to various social causes and initiatives, including support for disadvantaged children and adults, road safety campaigns and environmental protection. 
Sustainable development is an integral part of OMV’s corporate strategy. The company supports the transition to a low-carbon economy and has set measurable targets for reducing carbon intensity as well as implementing new energy and petrochemical solutions.