Petrol PLC

The main activities of Petrol PLC in Bulgaria are: 
  • Retail fuel sales,
  • wholesale of fuels,
  • sale of goods,
  • partnerships with international and local partners in the fast food sector,
  • innovative projects related to fuel sales,
  • services and activities related to utility bill payments, event tickets, vignettes, tolls, insurance, etc.

“Petrol” JSC accounts for approximately 17% of retail sales of petroleum products in Bulgaria through the largest network of petrol stations, which consists of more than 320 outlets throughout the country. The company owns the country’s only chain of self-service petrol stations, integrated to work with bank, fleet and loyalty cards, as well as with cash payments.

In order to improve its operations, the company is working to ensure the highest possible fuel quality using the control of its own laboratory and expert resources, investing in the construction and modernisation of its service station network and developing its partnership programme. The company’s technical, metrological and environmental standards implemented in its retail outlets meet all European Union requirements.

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