ZARA helps its customers in their business and everyday life by following their individual needs and giving them the security of quality service.
ZARA is a leader in the trade of energy products. The commercial range of products includes the full range of petroleum products as well as hydrocarbon gases and natural gases.
Our petroleum products trading sites are located in Central Bulgaria, which allows for extremely good logistics and a unique opportunity for fast customer service throughout the country.
ZARA Petroleum Company was established in 1994 with the main business of trading in energy, petroleum and chemical products. ZARA is fully privately owned with an excellent reputation and low business risk.
Throughout the years of its corporate development, ZARA has managed to combine tradition with innovation in business, maintaining a constant trend of expansion and renewal of its core business.
ZARA has achieved a high performance in the field of wholesale of energy and petroleum products, storage and handling of energy products in tax warehouses and wartime inventory warehouses, retailing through its own chain of vehicle stations, road transport of all types of energy and petrochemical products, bottling of propane-butane and compressed natural gas and quality control laboratory for energy products.
ZARA has adopted as a personal goal and permanent development trend the compliance with the established technological and quality requirements for liquid fuels.
ZARA complies with all EU requirements for the addition of biofuels to conventional ones by blending mineral and biodiesel according to the Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources and Biofuels Act.
As a retailer of energy products, ZARA also follows the requirements for energy savings without compromising the quality of goods and services, by implementing a range of activities and measures aimed at end users of energy sources that lead to measurable improvements in energy efficiency.