NIS Petrol Ltd

Established in 2011, NIS PETROL Ltd. is an energy company, which is engaged in wholesale and retail trading of fuels and petroleum products. Since its inception, the company’s strategy has focused on building and managing a nationwide network of petrol stations. The organizational structure has three hierarchical levels in order to maximize flexibility and efficiency of management processes and administration of business activities.
The company carries out both retail and wholesale sales. By mid-2021, the retail network operated 34 service stations under the GAZPROM brand. On the Bulgarian market, the company offers high quality fuels and products for vehicles, which are produced in accordance with the highest standards, ensuring better and more efficient engine performance, making driving more enjoyable and contributing to the reduction of harmful emissions in the environment. 
The facilities of NIS PETROL Ltd. have a rich portfolio – fuels G-Drive 100, G- Drive Diesel, Opti 95, Opti Diesel, autogas CNG, LPG propane-butane, synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oils with the brands NISOTEC, G-ENERGY and GAZPROM. GAZPROM fuel products are environmentally friendly and emit less harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
The GAZPROM petrol station network has launched its own brand of restaurants and shops – Drive Café, where it offers its customers a wide range of everyday products, fresh food and beverages. With their excellent service, coziness and comfort, they are a preferred place for travellers to relax.
The company develops and implements effective marketing strategies to introduce the products to the Bulgarian market and supports the distributed brands with innovative and attractive promotional activities and a loyalty programme “With us on the road”. 
Combined with an appropriate marketing and communication policy and taking into account specific features, NIS PETROL Ltd. achieves a stable market presence and growth in the long term.
For NIS PETROL Ltd, customer satisfaction is first and foremost. This confirms the high commitment of the company and its employees to provide quality service.
In 2021, NIS PETROL Ltd. has a storage facility for light fuels “NIS – Kostinbrod”. 
The Company is in the process of implementing leading technologies for the management of petroleum products supply in accordance with the Company’s standards.