Give yourself time to stop!

To stop, at a speed of 140 km/h, a technically upright car needs a distance of over 150 m, which is equivalent to the length of a football field. And that’s only if weather conditions are good and the driver’s reaction is instantaneous.

Put your seatbelt on in the back seat too!

A passenger without a seat belt can not only be injured in an accident – he can injure and even kill other occupants of the car with his body. Wear your seat belt whether you are travelling in the front or back seat of the car (and also on the bus)! Otherwise, you risk not only your own life but also the lives of the other passengers.

Write when you get there!

Distraction (including mobile phone use) while driving can be compared to driving with your eyes closed. Three seconds of distraction is enough to cause a road accident.

The child seat protects the child!

During every second of the journey when the child is not sitting in it, his life and health are at risk. If the car is in motion, the child must be in the child seat, with the harness properly fitted and fastened.

There is no safe amount of alcohol behind the wheel!

Even a beer or other low-alcohol drink can affect your reactions and perceptions!

No one knows when they will be in a car accident. Take all safety precautions now, because the next minute it may already be too late!


The programme is a joint initiative of the State Road Safety Agency and the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association