Benchev: For a year fuel prices have increased by about 22%

Information source: “bTV

“Within three months, the fuel price increase was about 7%, and within a year it is about 22% depending on the type.” This announced in the program “This morning” Svetoslav Benchev from the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association.
According to him, for the last 6 months there has been a trend of fuel price increase and for about a month there has been stabilization. For there to be an increase or decrease in prices on the market, the trend in international oil prices must be constant for 10-15 days, the expert specified.

“This is due to the price of crude oil. The consumer can see from the receipt how much is the price of the crude itself, the labour and what the state collects as excise duty and VAT. We don’t have much room to operate in the 60% excise and VAT and the 30% that is left for all the other conversations,” Benchev explained.

He denies that there was a speculative increase in fuel prices in Bulgaria in the summer.
“There is unlikely to be a reverse trend of cheaper prices because no new fields for natural gas and oil have been explored in recent years and consumption will continue to rise, which will lead to higher prices,” the representative of the Bulgarian Petrol and Gas Association predicted.